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Stronger Bones, Brighter Days: Understanding Osteoporosis
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What are some advocacy and support groups for those with Osteoporosis?

In Singapore, there are organizations and support groups dedicated to promoting awareness, education, and support for individuals with osteoporosis and related bone health issues. While the availability of specific osteoporosis-focused support groups may vary, you can explore the following organizations for information and assistance related to osteoporosis in Singapore:



    • Osteoporosis Society Singapore is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness about osteoporosis, providing support to individuals, and promoting bone health in Singapore. They offer educational resources and advocacy efforts.


  • Singapore General Hospital (SGH):



    • SGH is a prominent healthcare institution in Singapore. While not a support group per se, it offers comprehensive bone health services, including diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis. They can provide valuable information and resources for individuals with osteoporosis.


  • National University Hospital (NUH):



    • NUH is another major healthcare institution in Singapore. They have specialized bone clinics and experts who can provide guidance on osteoporosis management, treatment, and prevention.


  • Singapore Bone and Joint Clinic:



    • This private clinic in Singapore specializes in the diagnosis and management of various bone and joint conditions, including osteoporosis. They can offer personalized care and advice.


  • Singapore Patient Support Groups:


    • Consider reaching out to broader patient support groups or associations in Singapore, which may cover various health conditions, including osteoporosis. These groups can provide a sense of community and emotional support.


While specific osteoporosis-focused support groups in Singapore may be limited, the organizations mentioned above can serve as valuable resources for information, guidance, and assistance related to osteoporosis management and bone health in the country. Additionally, you can explore online forums and communities that bring together individuals living with osteoporosis to share experiences and offer support.