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Introduction to Colorectal Cancer
Learn about the causes, symptoms, risk factors, prevention, treatment, and management of colorectal cancer. By the end of this course, you will have a better understanding of colorectal cancer and how to prevent, detect, and manage it.
Not Just A Gut Feeling: Understanding Colorectal Cancer
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What available support are there for patients and their families?

In Singapore, there are various psychological and social support services available for colorectal cancer patients and their families. These services are designed to provide comprehensive care and address the emotional, psychological, and social aspects of coping with the disease.

Here are some of the support options available:

Cancer Support Groups. Cancer support groups provide a platform for patients and their families to connect with others who are going through similar experiences. These groups offer emotional support, information sharing, and opportunities to discuss concerns and challenges. Organizations such as the Singapore Cancer Society and National Cancer Centre Singapore may offer support groups specifically tailored to colorectal cancer patients.

Counseling Services. Counseling services are available to help patients and their families cope with the emotional and psychological impact of colorectal cancer. Trained counselors or psychologists can provide individual or family counseling sessions to address issues such as anxiety, depression, grief, and communication difficulties. These services may be offered through hospitals, cancer centers, or community organizations.

Palliative Care Services. Palliative care teams in Singapore focus on providing comprehensive support for patients with advanced or terminal colorectal cancer. They offer specialized services to manage pain and other symptoms, as well as emotional and spiritual support. Palliative care teams often work closely with patients and their families to address their needs and improve their quality of life.

Patient Navigators. Some healthcare facilities have patient navigation programs where dedicated navigators help guide patients and their families through the healthcare system. These navigators provide assistance in accessing various support services, coordinating appointments, and addressing any concerns or questions that arise during the treatment journey.

Financial and Practical Assistance. Cancer treatments can be costly, and financial concerns may add to the stress experienced by patients and their families. Organizations like the Singapore Cancer Society offer financial assistance programs that provide support for medical expenses, transportation, and other practical needs. Social workers at hospitals and cancer centers can also help connect patients with resources and programs that offer financial aid and practical assistance.

Online Resources and Helplines. Several online resources and helplines are available in Singapore to provide information and support to colorectal cancer patients and their families. Websites such as the Singapore Cancer Society and the Health Promotion Board provide educational materials, support directories, and information on cancer-related services. Helplines, such as the Singapore Cancer Helpline, offer a confidential platform for individuals to seek guidance and support from trained professionals.

It’s important to note that the availability of these services may vary depending on the specific healthcare institution or organization. Patients and their families are encouraged to reach out to their healthcare providers, cancer centers, or relevant organizations to inquire about the psychological and social support services specifically available.

Here are some contact information for organizations and helplines in Singapore that provide support for colorectal cancer patients and their families:

Singapore Cancer Society:

National Cancer Centre Singapore:

Singapore Cancer Helpline:

Health Promotion Board:

Parkway Cancer Centre: